• SoulSchool Retreats coming soon to Shamballah 2017!!

    Do you need to find a safe space away from the many things that make you feel ‘stuck’, ‘disconnected’, ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘devastated’.

    Do you long for your own deep essence and an exquisite inner adventure to unconditional self love, truth, a sense of what it means to have a powerful presence and feel deep alignment with all that is sacred.

    Individually or collectively, we ALL need sanctuary from the pandemic negative mass conditioning, expectation and judgement…

    SoulSchool Mentors have created such a space… Where you and yours will feel the presence of Inspired Mentors dedicated to your Journey… to realise and nurture the best in YOU so that YOU are able to bring this best to a world that waits.

    8-10 September 2017

    Awakening The Emerald Tiger

    6-8 October 2017

    Embracing The Golden Dolphin

    20-22 October 2017

    Freeing The Indigo Butterfly

    3-5 November 2017

    Empowering The White Wolf (Advanced)

    For more info and pricing visit


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