• Shamballah Tea House & Holistic Centre Holiday Programme Dec/Jan


    Shamballah Tea House and Holistic Centre “Holiday Programme”

    16th Dec – 23 Dec / 26th – 30th Dec / 2nd – 6th Jan

    Yoga / Astrology / Dance / Massage / Tarot Cards / Life Signature / Sacred Sound / Detoxification


    Moonlight Dance with Annelize – 17th Dec and 6th Jan

    “Translated, Biodanza means “Dance of Life”. It helps you experience the joy in life through music and movement. In a typical class we have fun, de-stress, get fit (mentally and physically), go within and connect with other like-minded people. Although the class has a structure, we express ourselves freely – no steps to learn and no right or wrong way. Anyone welcome.

    Wear comfortable (layered) clothes you can move in and bring a towel and water to drink

    Date: 17th Dec and 6th Jan

    Time 18.30-20.0

    Cost: R80 per person, students or pensioners R50

    Contact Annelize to book – 082 924 3871 / annelizebecht@gmail.com


    Astrology with Margarita Celeste -17th Dec and 5th Jan

    Join for a fun, insightful and exciting 2 hour Astrology Beginner’s Workshop.

    The workshop is great for those who are simply curious about the art, or want to understand more about themselves using this amazing and powerful art.

    It is perfect for beginners so no previous knowledge is needed! Prepare to have fun!

    17th Dec at 10.00-12.00

    5th Jan at 11.00-13.00

    Cost: R150 per person

    Contact Margarita Celeste to book – 082 967 0039 / margs@margaritaceleste.com


    Tarot Reading with Margarita Celeste – 18th Dec and 6th Jan

    Join for a fun, insightful and exciting 2 hour Tarot Cards for Beginner’s Workshop.

    The workshop is great for those who are simply curious about the art, or perhaps have some cards they have always wished to use but have never known how.

    It is perfect for beginners so no previous knowledge is needed! Prepare to have fun!

    18th Dec and 6th Jan at 11.00-13.00

    Cost: R150 per person

    Contact Margarita Celeste to book – 082 967 0039 / margs@margaritaceleste.com


    Kahuna Massage with Ilonka – 17th -23rd Dec

    This ancient healing system was practised by Polynesian healers, called Kahunas.

    Kahuna Massage (Lomi Lomi) is a special way to release & unblock the powers of the body so that physical, mental & spiritual healing can take place effectively.

    It releases past life memories, stress & trauma locked away in the subconscious mind, body cells and muscles.

    The body work may also release blockages held in the body to facilitate positive change on all levels and reconnect a person with her /his personal power. Lomi Lomi is a deep rhythmical massage. The practitioner uses the forearm, fingers and palm of the hand in flowing movements over the body.

    Date: 17th – 23rd Dec

    Cost R380 per person (80 mins)

    Contact Ilonka to book – 0768987701 / eloke@gmx.de


    Yoga Workshop/Course and Classes with Angela Holderness – 17th Dec – 21st Dec

    Workshops: (Yoga practice and topic of focus)

    17th Dec – Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

    18th Dec – The teacher in everything

    19th Dec – Detoxification – how to assist our bodies

    20th Dec – What are we doing to our planet and ourselves?

    21st Dec – Letting go…

    Time: 9.00-11.00

    Cost: R200 per person or 5X workshops at R800.


    Open Jivamukti Yoga Classes:

    Date: 18th – 21st Dec

    Time: 18.00-19.30

    Cost: R120 per person

    To book contact Angela0763902077 / angholderness@gmail.com


    Astrology workshop and consultations with Nick Dagan Best – 17th – 22nd Dec / 26th – 30th Dec

    Nick is a renowned Canadian-born astrologer with over twenty years of experience. Nick has given workshops and presentations at conferences throughout the U.S.A., Canada, India, and was a featured speaker at last year’s Astrology Restored conference here in Cape Town.


    Knowledge of the synodic cycles of Venus and Mars is a useful tool that can be applied to any style of astrology. The symmetrical eight-year Venus cycle repeats its retrogrades in the same five areas of the zodiac, while Mars emphasizes its asymmetrical fifteen-year retrograde cycle more on one end of the zodiac than the other. The two planetary cycles merge every thirty-two years, creating a fascinating web that can be used to look at the life of any person or nation.

    Date 18th Dec

    Time: 12pm-4pm

    Cost: R450 per person

    Nick is also available for 1 hour personal consultations.

    Date: 18th-23rd and 26th – 30th Dec

    Cost: R750

    Contact Nick for workshop and consultation bookings – exoteric.astrology@gmail.com


    Yoga with Pat Louw – 22nd Dec, 29th Dec and 5th Jan

    Come to an hour of Hatha yoga, Iyengar-style with Pat a great way to keep those joints moving and feel stretched and relaxed during the festive season!

    Date: 22nd, 29th Dec and 5th Jan

    Time: 17.30-18.30

    Cost: R50 per person

    To book contact Pat084-5497949 / patzini@gmail.com


    Life-Signature with Felicity Aronson – 5th Jan

    Life-Signature methodology combines Zodiac signs with Sacred numbers, which allows one to have instant astrological insight into one’s self or others we work, play and have relationships with.

    Life-Signature is a dynamic tool, which allows you to:

    • understand yourself
    • understand the people closest to you and your combined Energy
    • deal with difficult situations
    • discover what motivates you
    • find out what fears and pleasures you have

    No previous knowledge of astrology or numerology is needed. The Life-Signature Training Program will provide you with the essence of the zodiac signs and the sacred numbers.

    Date: 5th Jan

    Time: 11am and 1pm

    Cost: R250 per person

    Contact Felicity to book 082 3771346 / faron22@yahoo.com


    Introduction to Cellular Detoxification with Alex Cousins – 2nd -4th Jan

    Start the New Year with everything you need to know to take your health into your own hands and finally thrive like you never thought possible.

    Day one – 2nd Jan:

    What is health?

    How the body truly functions and why there actually is no such thing as disease

    How to take full charge of your health

    A close up look at all diets and their place on the spectrum

    We’ll make and share a beautiful and abundant lunch together and talk food options

    Meditation- how to always find time for it and to bring mindfulness into your everyday

    Day two – 3rd Jan

    The art of detoxification explained – cellular detoxification is a journey towards complete embodiment of your divine self. In the process you become a superconductor of the divine and fulfill what you came here to do.

    It is an art and a dance that has its own rhythm and timing- we’ll discuss some of these and timelines so that you may get the full picture and a deeper understanding of the process.

    We’ll prepare and share an abundant meal together and discuss food options for transitioning.

    We will close with a guided meditation.

    Day three – 4th Jan

    A day in the life of Cellular Detoxification-

    We’ll put into practice what we learned and share the space together and share what may arise

    Deep breathing practice

    Discussing the emotional side of eating and how food traps our emotions and prevents us from healing on a cellular level

    Exercise- what, when, how

    We’ll share a beautiful meal together and end with a meditation

    Date: 2nd – 4th Jan

    Time: 9am-4pm

    Cost: R500 per person per day

    To book contact Alex 076 2715103 / aschwenn@gmail.com


    Mini Me Kids Yoga Workshop with Charney – 22nd Dec

    A 2-hour Mini Me Yoga workshop, parents, grandparents, childcare providers and teachers learn simple techniques for introducing 15 minutes a day of yoga and positive thinking to preschool and elementary-aged children using games and exercises designed to make it fun and engaging.

    No experience with yoga is necessary – anyone can join in the fun!

    Each participant receives a set of 14 Magick Yoga Cards and will learn about:

    •  Breathing
    • Meditation
    • Making energy water
    • Why we do kids yoga
    • Plus, at least 14 yoga poses

    It’s action-packed and full of information as well as practical tools.
    Everyone leaves with what they need to get started right away, with an easy

    15 minute a day program designed to be used in your daily routine, whether it be in the home, the classroom, community groups, play dates, weekend sleepovers etc.
    Introducing these simple games in school, daycare or the home significantly reduces stress, increases children’s capacity to learn, be gentle to one another, respect nature and grow strong mentally and physically. During this age where childhood diabetes, food intolerance’s and hyper active syndromes are on the rise, our games and activities bring much needed fun time where children can create and express themselves.

    This is an opportunity to strengthen the bond with your child while improving their (and your) well-being in just 15 minutes a day.

    Date: 22nd Dec

    Time: 9am-11am

    Cost: R350 (price includes a pack of magic cards)

    For bookings contact Charney – 0714936819 / hey.cheye7@gmail.com


    KIDS Yoga Class with Charney – 22rd Dec

    A fun and interactive 30 minutes kiddies class, where we use storytelling, breath, animal poses and fun to stretch little bodies and minds. Parents are welcome to join in the fun

    Date: 22rd Dec

    Time: 11.30am-12.00pm

    Cost: R60 per child

    For bookings contact Charney – 0714936819 / hey.cheye7@gmail.com


    Goddess, Mudra, Mantra and Flow Yoga wit Charney – 23rd Dec

    Join me on a yoga journey connecting us to the spirit of Lakshmi, the Goddess of love, and abundance. We listen to the Lakshmi mythology, learn her mantra which we then practice as a japa mala or 108 repetition. We explore a heart opening  mudra and breath exercise, explore our creative side with a creative writing or art mandala exercise and then we flow through a deliciously juicy expansive morning flow.

    Date: 23rd Dec

    Time: 9am-11am

    Cost: R250 per person

    For bookings contact Charney – 0714936819 / hey.cheye7@gmail.com


    Sacred Sound Ceremony with Anna B Prinsloo – 16th Dec

    A sacred sound ceremony provides the holding space for a deep healing process to unfold. The frequencies, rhythms and harmonics of sound facilitate an altered state of conscious that supports one in entering into a profound introspective state of being. The sound also assists in harmonizing and balancing one’s energetic field in a very gentle and yet powerful way.

    The Ceremony will begin with a talk on the healing power of sound, after which you will be invited to make yourself comfortable and surrender to the sonic experience. Anna works with her voice, magnificent quartz crystal singing bowls, a glorious gong and various other instruments to facilitate this process.

    Anna Prinsloo has been a health care practitioner for over a decade. She has a particular affinity for working with sound as a potential tool for healing, transformation and integration. She has a certificate in energy healing and is accredited with the British Alliance of Healing Associations. She also holds a certificate in hypnosis and a diploma in non-medical regression therapy. She is a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association based in the UK.

    Date: 16 Dec

    Time: 18.00 – 20.00

    Cost: R180 per person

    Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or sheepskin to lie on

    For booking contact Anna – khushimananna@gmail.com


    Kundalini Yoga Classes with Kat – 17th Dec

    Using breath, mantra and movement explore awakening your kundalini energy. 90 minutes delving into a heart opening series to activate, balance and restore.

    Date: 17th Dec

    Time: 16:00-18:30

    Cost: R120 per person

    To book contact Kat – katscriven89@gmail.com / 071 680 0771


    Deep Listening Teachings with a Medicine Walk and Medicine Drum Journey – 21st Dec

    When Listening is done with deep intent and attention, something shifts in the Speaker. When we drop into Listening to our Mother, we experience a renewal of inner Ancient Wisdom hearing.
    This is call out to you. To come and experience this with other Sisters as we sit in sacred space and keep our Silence as you speak. This is day of ceremony, where a central alter will be present for your sacred objects.

    The stories we will share are centred around Birthing. Births of our Children, Births of ourselves, Births we wished we had, Births we desire. Bring your full heart to allow full listening.

    Date: 21st Dec

    Time: 11:30-14:30

    Cost: R250 per person

    What to bring: Sacred Object for Alter in the centre of the Listening Circle,
    a hat, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes.

    For bookings contact Tass directly – 084 408 9719 / tasstwocrowsflying@gmail.com



    Shamballah Tea House

    The Tea House will be open – Drinks and light snacks will be available. All are welcome


    Shamballah Tea House & Holistic Centre

    100 Plateau, Cape Point Road, Cape Town

    www.shamballah.co.za / leanne@shamballah.co.za / ana@shamballah.co.za


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