The Mythic Shamballah



Legend has it that Shamballah is a land of enlightened beings; a ‘Pure Land’. The word Shamballah is derived from a Sanskrit term that translates as ‘tranquil-certain’; it’s a place of peace, tranquility, and clarity.

According to some, Shamballah is a real place, but one that exists in a very rarified state, unreachable and imperceptible to the profane.

The Dalai Lama said this of Shamballah at a Kalachakra intitiation:

Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there.”

Fortunately there’s a Shamballah you can reach in the real world, near the Cape Point nature reserve, in Cape Town!

Shamballah offers perfect spaces for lectures, seminars, workshops, yoga, tai chi, ceremonies, healing sessions and consultations.

bindi it’s a place of peace and shiny happy people

healing a sanctuary, an apothecary for body mind and soul

nature acres of glorious nature to love and adore

astro2 it’s a space to gather, teach, learn and work wonders

praya haven on the road to heaven